Social media trends to watch in 2022

Happy 2022, creatures!

Just like Tay Tay, we’re feeling 22.

A new year means a lot of sparkly things on our radar – new creatures (yes, we’re expanding!), new goals, new clients, and new content. And we’re only getting started with The Year of The Creature (see what we did there?!).

We have a lot planned for this year, and our first surprise is ready to go.

Today we’re chatting about all things social media…trends. We’re bringing you our top 5 hottest trends you need to keep your eye on this year.

So, here’s the goss you need to know…

#1 TikTok will rule the world of socials, again

I mean, are we really surprised with this one?? The ever-so-popular app will dominate the market yet again. We expect to see more brands jump on the bandwagon this year. We also expect to see more dosh put towards brand marketing efforts on the app.

#2 Two words – video content

The two words that will be on everyone’s mind. And we believe everyone should consider it part of their social media strategy, from corporate marketers to small business owners. With so many options, there will be something suitable for your brand – Lives, Stories, IG Reels, IGTV, FB Watch, to name a few. TikTok also gets a notable mention here (…yet again).

#3 Hey you, let’s collab!

Collabs will be the name of the game, not only with influencers but micro creators and niche businesses. Platforms are already embracing this trend, with features such as IG’s ‘Invite Collaborator’ feature and TikTok’s range of creative tools to strengthen collaborations.

#4 Shop ‘till you drop

Get in, creatures, we’re going shopping! Well, on our smart devices, of course. Social shopping experiences have been a focus for a while now. Take Instagram Shopping, for example – this set of features allows consumers to shop brands via the app easily. These online experiences are set to be enhanced in 2022.

#5 Snack on bite-sized content

As attention spans continue to shrink, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stop the scroll and grab the attention of a target audience. That’s where snackable, more bite-sized content comes in, which will be adored now and into the future.

That’s all from us for now. Chat soon, creatures x

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