What (the heck) is Meta Verified, and do I need to subscribe?

No matter the social media platform you’ve been scrolling this week, we have no doubt you’ve been bombarded with talks of Meta announcing their new subscription service, Meta Verified. If not, please let us know the rock you’ve been under, as we’d love a break from all the updates.

Do not fear; TCC is here to explain the situation, some pros and cons and, of course, if there is any impact on our pals (that’s you) in the social media universe.

OK, what’s happened?

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Meta (ultimately referring to Instagram and Facebook) is testing a new subscription service and calling it Meta Verified. The test will be rolled out in Australia and New Zealand initially.

From Meta: “We’re starting with a gradual test in Australia and New Zealand later this week to learn what’s most valuable, and we hope to bring Meta Verified to the rest of the world soon.”

Fab, but what is it?

You’ve seen the blue ticks on Instagram? Essentially, with Meta Verified, anyone can pay a monthly fee to get:

💎 A verified badge confirming you are who you say you are and your account has been authenticated with a government ID

🧿 More protection from impersonation with proactive account monitoring for impersonators who might target people with growing online audiences

🤓 Live chat access to a real person for common account issues and more help

📈 Increased visibility and reach

🧐 Exclusive features to express yourself in unique ways

How much we talking?

Meta Verified will be available for direct purchase on Instagram or Facebook in Australia and New Zealand later this week. Users can purchase a monthly subscription for $24.99 (AUD).

Can anyone subscribe?

A few requirements you need to be eligible for the service:

✖️ Accounts must meet minimum activity requirements, such as prior posting history, and be at least 18 years old

✖️ Applicants are required to submit a government ID that matches the profile name and photo of the Facebook or Instagram account they’re applying for

It’s also worth noting (and this is a big one for a lot of you reading this) businesses are not eligible for Meta Subscription as they test out the new service.

But whyyyyyyyy?

This is a good one..

If you’re asking Meta, the answer is something like “to help creators grow their presence and build community faster” – they claim to be listening to the requests and demands of creators who are vocalising their need for broader access to verification and account support, in addition to more features to increase visibility and reach.

But, if you’re asking the majority of social media users who are reeling from the recent announcement, the answer will be something more like “so Meta can capitalise even more on social media users and make billions”.

What’s to love?

Extra safety – this is a big one, and we know a few creator pals who would benefit from this. The impersonation game is wild out there, and something needs to happen. The question is, should we have to pay for it, or are we entitled to think we deserve it without the fee?

Increased visibility – considering the drop in reach and engagement over the past 12 months, this has to be a pro… maybe.

Access to exclusive features – sounds juicy, and we want to know more!

What are we questioning?

Whilst the price point is low, life is already damn expensive. Can everyone afford the cost, and if not, will they be punished with even less exposure? It’s currently unclear if accounts WITH Meta Verified will be prioritised over those accounts WITHOUT it and what it all means for showing up in feeds, explore, search etc.

The credibility of it all – we feel for the accounts currently verified and have worked hard to be just that. If anyone can afford and apply to be verified, do the blue ticks lose their worth and seem less genuine?

More of our thoughts on the whole thing 💭

We’re just out here sitting on the fence, to be fair…

We can’t help but wonder if Meta regrets including the reach and exposure side of things in their announcements. From what we’ve seen, most of the backlash is around this. Creators have already been hustling to increase their visibility, and I don’t think paying for it was what they wanted as a result.

Adam Mosseri (Head of IG) has also recently addressed the credibility side of things suggesting Meta is looking at other ways existing verified accounts can stand out. He mentions possibly showcasing follower counts – this sounds wild to us! Instagram has been about avoiding vanity metrics, and this seems like something that could do the opposite.

We’ve seen a few suggestions of making the new verification badge a different icon or colour to differentiate those that are organically verified from those that pay for it – we likey this idea, and it could be a game changer.

Final notes


It kind of feels like one of those things that seems huge this week but will most likely blow over and be forgotten in a month.

Whilst a lot of it sounds ominous, especially on social channels, they are literally testing it out, and we should give them the benefit of the doubt… right?

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