One of the biggest mistakes you’re making on social media

Hey there, business owner; we have a question for you:

Who is your target audience?

If your answer is along the lines of “anyone on social media”, then we’re sorry to say; you’ve got a problem.

Attempting to appeal to everyone across all social media platforms is doing your brand more harm than good.

Here’s why:

Not everyone consumes social media the same

Different users are searching for their own unique content; this could be an entertainment fix, knowledgeable insights, sporting news or funny cat content.

Not everyone is interested in what you’re putting out there (sorry)

You’ll find the majority of users on social media probably aren’t interested in your product- no matter how useful or ingenious it might be.

Specific users will translate to higher engagement than others

For example, if you’re a womenswear brand, the chances are the majority of male users will swipe past your content without a second glance.

So, in short, positioning all your content to attract every type of social media user all at once means you’ll be spending the same amount of effort, attention and budget on people who don’t care about your brand.

That’s not the best way to increase engagement.

Here are our top tips for identifying your target audience:

Step 1. Who is the ideal consumer of your product?

The first step is to identify who is your ideal buyer. Here you may create a persona that considers unique segments such as your customer’s age, gender, education, work, spending levels, where they live, interests, aspirations, and whether or not they have kids.

Step 2. Look for them online

Engaging with profiles that match your ideal buyer personas will help you identify any trends they are enjoying or what tone they project on their socials. You can do this organically by commenting on and liking their content whilst also interacting with your potential audience on niche pages.

Step 3. Create that content

Create content that offers value to these personas and encourages their engagement! If they interacted with a particular style, tone, colour or even a funny cat meme, your content should be inspired by this.

So, creatures, go on, FIND YOUR AUDIENCE!

Or put us in charge; we know what we’re doing 😉

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