- one kind word can change someone's entire day

Emily Watson is Chief Executive Officer at The Content Creature and loves the magic of words.

With an extensive background in property development, having worked in the industry for over 15 years, Emily spent a decade in marketing roles; this is where she discovered her love for all things creative, marketing and social media.

A Diploma in Social Media Marketing, a deep passion for organic content and unique customer experiences, PLUS a strategic yet creative mind means Emily and The Content Creature can create and deliver content to help businesses of all sizes engage, encourage and grow.

Personally, Em (seeing as we’re getting personal) loves her caffeine, a few drops of wine (wink wink), all dogs, football & basketball, any activity by the ocean and is only slightly (wink wink) obsessed with her beautiful family.

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- without strategy, content is just stuff, the world has enough stuff

Elisa Italiano is our Marketing Specialist at The Content Creature and brings dreams to life with her creativeness.

Magically skilled in digital marketing, copywriting, brand management, and consumer behaviour (amongst other things), Elisa brings innovation and freshness to the metaphorical table.

Elisa is also currently studying marketing at RMIT University – smartie pants. She continually adapts to new markets and trends and is forever enthusiastic, striving to deliver outstanding results that connect brands with consumers. 

When she’s not at her desk crafting pure perfection, Elisa is either eating pasta and cheese, stocking up on gelato, at the gym, or making memories with her family and friends. Oh, and she can’t wait to get back to NYC.

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