Influencer marketing 101

From TikTok trending to Instagram verified, influencers have well and truly made their mark in the social media industry. Catchy dance moves, clothing hauls, and controversial topics seem to be what it takes to attract followers and brand deals these days…and to be honest, it’s smart (well, most of the time).


According to Sprout Social, influencer marketing ROIs were 11 times higher than other strategies or networks. So, why are influencers generating more engagement than any other brand?

Whilst there are many reasons, it really comes down to authenticity and relatability. People love to follow, copy and trust people they look up to or want to be like. They want to follow the latest trends, be inspired, and feel engaged.

By building influencers into your marketing strategy, they can help you:

  • Connect with your niche
  • Build credibility and generate new leads, and
  • Create engaging, shareable, user-generated content.

So, how do we choose?

Influencers can be categorised into different tiers or categories based on their following. It’s good to take note of this to determine what level of influencer is best suited for your strategy and brand.

Generally, the tiers are set out as follows:

Nano: 1k-10k
Micro: 10k-50k
Mid-tier: 50k-100k
Macro: 100k-1M

Most often you will find that brands will utilise nano or micro-influencers. Although these influencers are situated at the lower end of the ladder, don’t be fooled. Nano and micro-influencers tend to have a higher level of engagement, a better-established community and have greater levels of authenticity and trust. Smaller influencers allow for potential growth and can be a good way to get your brand out there.

Some influencers on our radar rn include…

  • Sopha Dopha: aka Sophia Begg, who began as a TikToker with under 10k. Now, she’s in high demand with over 280k followers on the popular platform.
  • Ava Francis: another fashion icon who is currently sitting at 42k on IG. Followers can’t get enough of Ava’s content and are constantly asking for outfit details.

The power influencers hold is real, and the hype is far from over. We are obsessed with this topic, and we can’t wait to tell you more.

Stay tuned creatures! In part two we’ll discuss different types of influencer strategies, red flags, and what other creators have caught our eye x

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