The Influencer Marketing Strategy

When it comes to working with your chosen influencer/s, there are many types of strategies that can be utilised – we’re talking product gifting, sponsored/paid content, giveaways, competitions, or even brand affiliates/ambassadors. Although a lot of this work can be determined as public relations strategies, the most important thing is how you work your influencer into your marketing objectives and business goals.

So, let’s discuss the pros and cons.

Product seeding

Product seeding is an influencer marketing strategy that refers to gifting and sending out product to a select group of influencers in the hope to receive product posts and reviews.


  • Guaranteed alignment to creators
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Authentic return


  • Little to no control of generated content (unless specified)
  • Can be costly if not planned correctly

Sponsored and paid content

Sponsored or paid content refers to the content generated from a brand partnership, often paid in return for a product endorsement. This type of strategy usually comes with disclosure rules which require creators to note #sponsored or #ad if they have been paid to do so.


  • Brands have control over messaging/content type
  • Guaranteed earned media
  • Ability to reach a wide audience


  • Can be costly for larger scale influencers
  • Reviews/opinions may come across as unauthentic to audiences if creators are paid

Giveaways and competitions

Giveaways and competitions are always circulating on Instagram and social media. They act as a great strategy to attract new and old audiences, which involves them in an engaging way.


  • Reach audiences who are yet to purchase from/engage with your brand
  • Draws high level of engagement
  • Can benefit every party involved


  • Possible short-term engagement, goes no further than giveaway
  • Risk of distrust of competition if too good to be true
  • May be difficult to follow through depending on the offer

Ambassadors and affiliates

Brand affiliates are utilised to inspire and encourage sales, often through discount codes, whilst earning a personalised commission. Brand ambassadors operate similarly, however have more of a genuine connection to the brand’s values and service.


  • People trust other’s opinions
  • 80% of users buy products from Instagram/referrals
  • Both create a genuine connection between audience and brand
  • Discount codes/affiliate codes appeal to customers


  • Ambassador/affiliate reputation will affect brand reputation
  • Recruiting and managing ambassadors can be time consuming/costly

There are a variety of influencer strategies that can be utilised for your brand, but ultimately it comes down to your personal budget, branding, audience, and overall, your values.

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